Crafting Idle Clicker Wikia
Crafting Idle Clicker Wikia

The event "Workshop of Horrors" started on Sunday, October 28 and ran until Thursday, November 1. In this event, players could win blueprints for the main workshop (Uncut Onyx, Cut Onyx and Onyx Ring).


There were the following 18 products.

Research Initial price Revenue Output Input
3 $12 $3 1x Pumpkin -
30 $150 $30 1x Pumpkin Pie 3x Pumpkin
90 $3,000 $150 1x Jack-o'-lantern 1x Pumpkin
450 $45,000 $600 1x Fabric -
1,500 $800,000 $4,000 1x Witch Hat 1x Fabric
3,000 $8.0e6 $10,000 1x Robe 2x Fabric
6,000 $20.0e6 $20,000 1x Wood -
9,000 $400.0e6 $90,000 2x Vampire Stake 1x Wood
15,000 $5.0e9 $?? 1x Witch Broom 2x Wood
30,000 $25.0e9 $7.5e6 1x Iron Ingots -
60,000 $900.0e9 $600.0e6 1x Bloody Axe 1x Wood, 2x Iron Ingots
90,000 $40.0e12 $3.0e9 1x Coffin 6x Wood
150,000 $600.0e12 $5.9e9 1x Scythe 2x Wood, 2x Iron Ingots
200,000 $4.0e15 $39.8e9 1x Ectoplasm -
300,000 $30.0e15 $600.0e9 1x Ghost 2x Ectoplasm
400,000 $700.0e15 $2.0e12 1x Witch 1x Witch Hat, 1x Witch Broom
550,000 $3.0e18 $9.0e12 1x Mummy 4x Fabric, 1x Ectoplasm
700,000 $30.0e18 $29.9e12 1x Grim Reaper 1x Robe, 1x Scythe

Halloween Pack[]

Halloween packs contained at least 2 blueprints from event, 2 blueprints from the Renaissance Set and 1 Blueprint from the Industral Set.

Halloween packs could contain the following blueprints or boosters:


Product Medal
1x Witch Broom Bronze (1 medal)
1x Ghost Silver (2 medals)
1x Grim Reaper Gold (3 medals)