The event "Trained to shop" started on Friday, September 14 and ran until Monday, September 17. In this event, players could win 2 blueprints for the main workshop (Steam Boat and Locomotive).


There were the following 22 products.

Research Initial price Output Input
1 $10 1x Wood -
10 $75 4x Planks 1x Wood
50 $2,500 3x Coal -
100 $20,000 2x Iron Ore -
500 $150,000 5x Iron Ingots 3x Coal, 2x Iron Ore
1,000 $2.0E6 5x Iron Rivets 1x Iron Ingots
2,000 $15.0E6 2x Mechanical Parts 2x Wood, 8x Iron Rivets
5,000 $100.0E6 1x Boiler 4x Iron Ingots, 10x Iron Rivets
10,000 $900.0E6 1x Steel 4x Coal, 2x Iron Ingots
20,000 $8.0E9 2x Machine Parts 2x Iron Ingots, 1x Machine Parts
50,000 $50.0E9 1x Motor Unit 2x Iron Ingots, 1x Machine Parts
100,000 $300.0E9 1x Steam Engine 1x Boiler, 1x Motor Unit
150,000 $2.0E12 4x Steel Plate 1x Steel
200,000 $9.0E12 2x Wheel 10x Iron Rivets, 1x Steel
250,000 $60.0E12 1x Boat Hull 12x Planks, 6x Steel Plate
300,000 $300.0E12 1x Paddle Wheel 4x Wood, 4x Mechanical Parts
350,000 $1.5E15 1x Train Chassis 12x Iron Rivets, 8x Steel Plate
400,000 $7.5E15 1x Running Gear 6x Machine Parts, 6x Wheel
450,000 $40.0E15 1x Boat Engine 1x Steam Engine, 2x Paddle Wheel
500,000 $200.0E15 1x Steam Boat 1x Boat Hull, 1x Boat Engine
600,000 $1.5E18 1x Train Engine 1x Steam Engine, 1x Running Gear
700,000 $5.0E18 1x Locomotive 1x Train Chassis, 1x Train Engine

Transport PackEdit

Transport packs contained at least 2 blueprints from the event, at lest 3 blueprints from the Industrial Set, at least 1 blueprint from the Boiler Alert Event and at least 1 blueprint from the Renaissance Set.

Transport packs could contain the following blueprints or boosters:

Medals Edit

Product Medal
1x Boiler Bronze (1 medal)
1x Boat Hull Silver (2 medals)
1x Locomotive Gold (3 medals)
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