The event "Trained to shop" started on Friday, July 19 and ran until Monday, July 22. In this event, players could win two blueprints for the main workshop (Steam Boat and Locomotive).

Products[edit | edit source]

There were the following 22 products.

Research Initial price Output Input
1 $10 1x Wood -
10 $75 4x Planks 1x Wood
50 $2,500 3x Coal -
100 $20,000 2x Iron Ore -
500 $150,000 5x Iron Ingots 3x Coal, 2x Iron Ore
1,000 $2.0E6 5x Iron Rivets 1x Iron Ingots
2,000 $15.0E6 2x Mechanical Parts 2x Wood, 8x Iron Rivets
5,000 $100.0E6 1x Boiler 4x Iron Ingots, 10x Iron Rivets
10,000 $900.0E6 1x Steel 4x Coal, 2x Iron Ingots
20,000 $8.0E9 2x Machine Parts 2x Iron Ingots, 1x Machine Parts
50,000 $50.0E9 1x Motor Unit 2x Iron Ingots, 1x Machine Parts
100,000 $300.0E9 1x Steam Engine 1x Boiler, 1x Motor Unit
150,000 $2.0E12 4x Steel Plate 1x Steel
200,000 $9.0E12 2x Wheel 10x Iron Rivets, 1x Steel
250,000 $60.0E12 1x Boat Hull 12x Planks, 6x Steel Plate
300,000 $300.0E12 1x Paddle Wheel 4x Wood, 4x Mechanical Parts
350,000 $1.5E15 1x Train Chassis 12x Iron Rivets, 8x Steel Plate
400,000 $7.5E15 1x Running Gear 6x Machine Parts, 6x Wheel
450,000 $40.0E15 1x Boat Engine 1x Steam Engine, 2x Paddle Wheel
500,000 $200.0E15 1x Steam Boat 1x Boat Hull, 1x Boat Engine
600,000 $1.5E18 1x Train Engine 1x Steam Engine, 1x Running Gear
700,000 $5.0E18 1x Locomotive 1x Train Chassis, 1x Train Engine

Medals[edit | edit source]

Product Medal
1x Boiler Bronze (1 medal)
1x Boat Hull Silver (2 medals)
1x Locomotive Gold (3 medals)
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