Crafting Idle Clicker Wikia
Crafting Idle Clicker Wikia

The event "The world is Mine" started on June 1, 2019 and ran until June 5, 2019. At that event players could win 3 blueprints for the main workshop (Chisel, Shovel and Pickaxe).


There were the following 35 products.

Research Initial price Revenue Output Input
1 $20 $5 1x Copper Ore -
10 $80 $15 1x Tin Ore -
50 $600 $20 5x Bronze Ingots 3x Copper Ore,

1x Tin Ore

100 $5,000 $100 1x Wood -
500 $20,000 $600 1x Bronze Pickaxe 2x Wood,

2x Bronze Ingots

1,000 $200,000 $500 3x Iron Ore 1x Bronze Pickaxe
2,000 $900,000 $1,500 3x Coal 1x Bronze Pickaxe
4,000 $6.0E6 $4,000 5x Iron Ingots 2x Iron Ore,

3x Coal

7,000 $40.0E6 $30,000 1x Iron Chisel 1x Iron Ingots
10,000 $200.0E6 $100,000 1x Iron Pickaxe 2x Wood,

2x Iron Ingots

15,000 $800.0E6 $150,000 3x Silver Ore 1x Iron Pickaxe
20,000 $5.0E9 $600,000 3x Silver Ingots 1x Silver Ore
25,000 $20.0E9 $4.0E6 1x Steel 2x Iron Ingots,

4x Coal

30,000 $90.0E9 $20.0E6 1x Steel Chisel 1x Steel
40,000 $500.0E9 $50.0E6 1x Steel Pickaxe 2x Wood,

2x Steel

50,000 $2.0E12 $75.0E6 3x Gold Ore 1x Steel Pickaxe
60,000 $7.0E12 $200.0E6 3x Gold Ingots 1x Gold Ore
80,000 $50.0E12 $400.0E6 10x Coins 1x Silver Ingots,

1x Gold Ingots

100,000 $200.0E12 $8.0E9 1x Sulfur -
125,000 $800.0E12 $30.0E9 1x Saltpeter -
150,000 $4.0E15 $50.0E9 3x Gunpowder 1x Sulfur,

3x Saltpeter

200,000 $20.0E15 $200.0E9 2x Uncut Topaz 1x Gunpowder
250,000 $80.0E15 $1.0E12 1x Cut Topaz 1x Uncut Topaz,

1x Iron Chisel

300,000 $600.0E15 $2.0E12 2x Uncut Amethyst 1x Gunpowder
350,000 $2.0E18 $10.0E12 1x Cut Amethyst 1x Uncut Amethyst,

1x Iron Chisel

400,000 $8.0E18 $30.0E12 1x Glycerol -
450,000 $40.0E18 $90.0E12 1x Nitric Acid 1x Saltpeter
500,000 $200.0E18 $400.0E12 1x Nitrating Acid 1x Sulfur,

1x Nitric Acid

550,000 $800.0E18 $750.0E12 2x Nitroglycerin 1x Glycerol,

1x Nitrating Acid

600,000 $3.0E21 $2.3E15 2x Uncut Emerald 1x Nitroglycerin
650,000 $20.0E21 $20.0E15 1x Cut Emerald 1x Uncut Emerald,

1x Steel Chisel

700,000 $80.0E21 $30.0E15 2x Uncut Sapphire 1x Nitroglycerin
750,000 $400.0E21 $300.0E15 1x Cut Sapphire 1x Uncut Sapphire,

1x Steel Chisel

800,000 $2.0E24 $?? 2x Uncut Ruby 1x Nitroglycerin
850,000 $7.0E24 $?? 1x Cut Ruby 1x Uncut Ruby,

1x Steel Chisel

Mining Pack[]

Mining packs could contain the following blueprints:


Product Medal
1x Coins Bronze (1 medal)
1x Cut Amethyst Silver (2 medals)
1x Cut Ruby Gold (3 medals)