The event "The New World" started on Saturday, May 13 and ran until Saturday, May 23. In this event, players could win blueprints for the main workshop (Mechanical Parts, Halberd and Compass).

Products Edit

There were the following 25 products. (HS = Half Speed)

Research Initial price Output Input
- $12 1x Wood -
?? $80 10x Cotton (HS) -
?? $400 2x Fabric 3x Cotton
?? $2,500 1x Sails 5x Fabric
?? $20,000 1x Coal -
?? $150,000 1x Iron Ore -
?? $2.0E6 5x Iron Ingots 2x Iron Ore, 3x Coal
?? $40.0E6 5x Iron Rivets 1x Iron Ingots
15,000 $600,0E6 1x Steel 2x Iron Ingots, 4x Coal
?? $20.0E9 1x Fur -
?? $300.0E9 1x Fur Boots 2x Fur
50,000 $10.0E12 1x Winter Cloak 4x Fur, 2x Fabric
75,000 $750.0E12 1x Halberd 2x Steel, 3x Wood
100,000 $200.0E15 1x Conquistador's Armor 4x Steel, 4x Iron Rivets
125,000 $4.0E18 1x Mechanical Parts 2x Wood, 2x Iron Rivets
150,000 $1.0E21 1x Compass 1x Mechanical Parts, 1x Steel
175,000 $800.0E21 3x Sugar Cane (HS) -
200,000 $100.0E24 3x Tobacco (HS) -
225,000 $60.0E27 1x Silver Ore -
250,000 $5.0E30 3x Silver Ingots 1x Silver Ore
275,000 $250.0E33 1x Rum 3x Sugar Cane
275,000 $4.0E39 1x Tobacco Pipe 3x Tobacco, 1x Wood
300,000 $500.0E42 10x Silver Coins 1x Silver Ingots
350,000 $200.0E48 10x Looted Treasures (HS) 5x Halberd, 5x Conquistador's Armor
400,000 $400.0E54 10x Traded Goods (HS) 5x Rum, 3x Tobacco Pipe

Colonial PackEdit

Colonial packs contained at least 2 blueprints from the event, at lest 2 blueprints from the Precious Set and at least 2 from the Iron Set.

Hammer packs could contain the following blueprints or boosters:

Appearance of the tokensEdit

Below are the highest and lowest documented levels that we have seen each token appear.

Token Min Level Max Level
Colonial Pack Token 6 -
Basic Pack Token 16* 22**
Intermediate Pack Token 33* 47**
Advanced Pack Token 9* 63**
Jewelry Pack Token 22* 22**
Magnificent Pack Token 16* 16**
Tools Pack Token 29* 29**

* Lowest level observed, may be lower

** Highest level observed, may be higher

Medals Edit

Product Medal
1x Fur Bronze (1 medal)
1x Tobacco Pipe Silver (2 medals)
1x Traded Goods Gold (3 medals)

Resource Calculator Edit

Kongregate user, DaemonChilde has created a spreadsheet to help calculate what the level of resources (Wood - Traded Goods) need to be to get to the level desired of the fine product.

Enter the level of the item in the blue section and the levels needed will show in the yellow below. It will also show you how many vendors you need to sell all of the final products.

You will need to make your own copy

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