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The event "That's A Knife" started on January 26, 2017 and ran until February 5, 2017. At that event players could win two blueprints for the main workshop (Sickle and Magnificent Dagger).

During the event you gained double lore for event workshop resets.


There were the following 41 products.

Research Initial price Revenue Output Input
- $10 $1 1x Wood -
5 $50 $10 1x Stake 2x Wood
50 $300 $8 3x Arrows 1x Wood
200 $2,500 $50 1x Copper Ore -
ca. 800 $15,000 $70 3x Copper Ingots 1x Copper Ore
1,500 $75,000 $800 1x Ice Pick 1x Wood, 1x Copper Ingots
2,500 $500,000 $1,500 1x Copper Blades 2x Copper Ingots
4,000 $3.0E6 $10,000 1x Throwing Knife 1x Copper Blades
6,000 $20.0E6 $8,000 3x Arrowhead 1x Copper Blades
8,000 $100.0E6 $35,000 3x Copper Arrows 3x Arrowheads, 3x Arrows
12,000 $750.0E6 $12,000 5x Rawhide 2x Copper Arrows
15,000 $4.5E9 $400,000 3x Leather 1x Rawhide
20,000 $30.0E9 $7.5E6 1x Hilt 2x Leather
22,000 $150.0E9 $30.0E6 1x Copper Dagger 2x Copper Blades, 1x Hilt
25,000 $1.0E12 $150.0E6 1x Tin Ore -
ca. 30,000 $7.5E12 $125.0E6 5x Bronze Ingots 3x Copper Ore, 1x Tin Ore
35,000 $50.0E12 $2.5E9 1x Bronze Blades 2x Bronze Ingots
40,000 $250.0E12 $10.0E9 2x Shuriken 1x Bronze Blades
45,000 $1.5E15 $50.0E9 1x Push Dagger 1x Bronze Blades, 2x Bronze Ingots
50,000 $10.0E15 $500.0E9 1x Bronze Dagger 2x Bronze Blades, 1x Hilt
60,000 $100.0E15 $2.0E12 1x Sickle 3x Bronze Blades, 1x Wood
70,000 $1.0E18 $20.0E12 1x Coal -
75,000 $8.0E18 $75.0E12 1x Iron Ore -
80,000 $70.0E18 $150.0E12 5x Iron Ingots 2x Iron Ore, 3x Coal
80,000 $350.0E18 $3.0E15 1x Saw 3x Iron Ingots, 2x Wood
85,000 $2.0E21 $4.0E15 1x Stiletto 4x Iron Ingots
90,000 $12.0E21 $20.0E15 1x Iron Blades 2x Iron Ingots
95,000 $60.0E21 $200.0E15 1x Cleaver 2x Iron Blades, 1x Wood
100,000 $500.0E21 $500.0E15 1x Iron Claws 3x Iron Blades, 2x Leather
110,000 $2.5E24 $2.0E18 1x Parrying Dagger 2x Iron Blades, 1x Hilt
120,000 $15.0E24 $5.0E18 1x Janbiya 3x Iron Blades, 1x Hilt
150,000 $100.0E24 $50.0E18 1x Gold Ore -
175,000 $600.0E24 $60.0E18 3x Gold Ingots 1x Gold Ore
250,000 $4.0E27 $250.0E18 1x Steel 2x Iron Ingots, 4x Coal
300,000 $25.0E27 $3.0E21 1x Steel Blades 2x Steel, 2x Coal
300,000 $150.0E27 $10.0E21 1x Scalpel 1x Steel Blades
400,000 $1.0E30 $30.0E21 1x Magnificent Hilt 2x Gold Ingots, 1x Hilt
400,000 $5.0E30 $120.0E21 2x Magnificent Dagger 1x Steel Blades, 2x Magnificent Hilt
500,000 $50.0E30 $250.0E21 5x Poisonous Plant 1x Sickle
750,000 $400.0E30 $10.0E24 1x Poison 3x Poisonous Plant
1,000,000 $3.0E33 $25.0E24 1x Poisoned Dagger 1x Magnificent Dagger, 1x Poison

Dependency graph of the That's a Knife Event products.


Product Medal
1x Sickle Bronze (1 medal)
1x Janbiya Silver (2 medals)
1x Poisoned Dagger Gold (3 medals)


The expedition "Oversea Export" could reward the players with the following blueprints or boosters:

  • 6 Hour Time Warp (x2)
  • 1 Day Time Warp (x1, x2)
  • Wood
  • Bow
  • Leather Armor
  • Copper Axe
  • Copper Knife
  • Bronze Ingots
  • Bronze Sword
  • Sickle
  • Coal
  • Iron Ore
  • Iron Ingots
  • Iron Mace
  • Iron Rivets
  • Iron Helmet
  • Iron Plates
  • Imp. Leather Armor
  • Iron Blades
  • Iron Sword
  • Iron Armor
  • Iron Claymore
  • Gold Ore
  • Gold Ingots
  • Gold Ring
  • Gold Necklace
  • Steel
  • Steel Blades
  • Katana
  • Magnificent Hilt
  • Magnificent Dagger
  • Magnificent Sword
  • Magnificent Armor
  • ...


The Poisonous Plant had its debut in the game called Alchemy Idle Clicker. It also appeared in the Alchemy Event where it was called Prunella vulgaris.