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Blueprint Set N/A
Unlock Global
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Argument Description
title The product's name
image The product's image
color The color of the progress circle
size The size of product image, default set at 80px
type The type/kind of the product (Resource, Material...?)
bs The blueprint sets which the product belongs to
Could add "bs2" or "bs3" argument if the product belongs to many blueprint sets
research The amount of researches which the product need to be available
unlock-event The way to be unlocked of the product
If this is left empty or removed, it'll be set default as "Global"
ip The initial price (base cost for the first buy) of the product
ir The initial revenue (base selling price for the first buy) of the product
ps Produce time of the product, mostly set by 5 seconds
r/s The amount of money which the product make in a second: $ \text{r/s}=\frac{\text{ir}}{\text{ps}} $
input Input material to make the current product
Could add "input2" if the product has two inputs
output The amount of the product to be produced
previous The previous to product in the blueprint
next The next by product in the blueprint


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