Crafting Idle Clicker Wikia

Fame Mission Strategy[]

Fame is increased both by having more money (current level - cash magnitude) and from completing [[fameto upgrade the others.  Additionally maximize cashflow as per normal pre-3.3.0

As there is a point at which more points doesn't equate to better rewards (see reset mechanics) only gain as many points as neccessary to get the best results for the reward you're aiming for.  In the case of lore, more points does mean more lore since the min/max arrows can be adjusted downwards. Be careful when gaining points for this purpose, as you can actually become inefficient if you aren't careful. If you need as much time to gain your next point (for very small gains) as you have to gain all of the rest of them, you should then stop and reset.


If events offer blueprints for the main workshop by completing expeditions, you'll want to keep in mind the following:

  • Getting the event up to the event's noted expedition unlock level to start expeditions as soon as possible. Resetting for 2-3 points (rather than trying to do it all at once) will be much faster.
  • When you start opening packs in the 3x3 grid, keep in mind how many of the event blueprint are on the board, which is usually "at least 2."  Once you have both, discard the remaining slots, this will give you the highest chance at getting the event blueprints for the fewest expeditions. Some prefer to immediately discard if you score an event blueprint from the first or second slot.
  • Don't worry about getting a gold medal, the final item produced takes a lot of concerted effort in raising the workshop level and the reward is that when you reset the main workshop, one item will already be researched. Each event medal, from all events, counts towards this. Your first couple are going to pre-research very low-cost items (such as clubs, arrows, and bows).