Crafting Idle Clicker Wikia

Players who have reached level 11 have the possibility to reincarnate. Reincarnating can increase the amount of crafting lore the player earns per reset point, known as Lore Per Point. Visit the Dynasty tab to see Current LPP, LPP After Reincarnation, or to Reincarnate.

Don't be afraid to reincarnate! All lore, blueprints, and most achievements are kept during a reincarnation. The Level Achievements are not kept and must be re-earned after each reincarnation.

The amount of lore the player earns for a normal reset is based on current Workshop Level, the number of Fame points earned, and the player's LPP value.

In the early stages of the game, the player will quickly be able to increase LPP. Toward late stages, the player may need to reincarnate multiple times without an LPP increase.

There are several different recommendations on when to reincarnate that focus on different goals.

Maximizing LPP: Reincarnate immediately after the "LPP After Reincarnation" value increases by 1 in the Dynasty tab. This strategy focuses on increasing LPP quickly, but may prevent the player from finding certain Blueprints or Token Packs in the early game as many do not appear on the Reward Slider during a Reset until higher workshop levels.

The 12 Fame rule: When Double Fame is in the large reward slot on the Reset Slider, at least 12 fame is needed to have a 100% chance at earning Double Fame. If 12 Fame cannot quickly and reliably be earned, consider reincarnating.

Lore Efficiency: Each Workshop level grants 1 less Fame for the same Revenue as the prior level. As the Income Multiplier from Level Achievements only goes up roughly by 2 per stage until Workshop 60, but the Revenue to earn the same number of Fame increases by 10, a point will be hit where Resets begin to earn less Lore than previous Workshop levels. Once this occurs, consider reincarnating.