Players who have reached level 11 have the possibility to reincarnate. Reincarnating can increase the amount of crafting lore the player gets per reset point. All lore, blueprints, and most achievements are kept. The Level Achievements are not kept.

The amount of lore you get for a normal reset is based on your current level, the number of reset points you're gaining and your Lore per point value (which starts at 10).

Because of this it is a good idea to hold off reincarnation as long as possible--waiting until your multiplier goes from 10 to 20 (shown on the Dynasty tab) at a minimum.  You will also want a very high Research Multiplier.  Once you reincarnate, you'll want to churn as many level reset points as you can and do a reset, gain a ton of lore, and reincarnate again, doing this several times.  This is the ideal strategy because the early levels make it easy to gain reset points, which directly influence how much lore you get, and the more lore you get the higher you can raise your blueprints, and thus have a easier time dealing with early levels after a reincarnate.

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