Crafting Idle Clicker Wikia

If you find a bug you should report it on so that the developer can fix it.

However, there can be several other problems.

Problem: I can't play the game. It says "DOWNLOADING DATA... (13849128/13849128)"

Solution: Restart the browser.

Problem: The ad forwards me to another website and I don't get any rewards.

Solution: Deactivate your adblocker for the website (and for

Problem: The ads don't appear. I am using Google Chrome.

Solution: View the guided instructions of Kongregate: How To Make Flash Really, Actually, Truly Work In Chrome

Problem: The screen is black.

Solution: Below it should say "Your game will start after this message (close)". Click on "close".

Problem: The game runs slowly.

Solution: Close other programs (e.g. browsers). The game seems to run slowly when Firefox and Chrome run simultaneously.

Problem: I can't play the game because my browser blocks WebGL.

Solution: Enable WebGL. There is a guide on