The event "Printer is coming" started on Friday, July 26 and ran until Monday, July 29. In this event, players could win three blueprints for the main workshop (Paper, Paper Sheets and Book).

Products Edit

There were the following 20 products.

Research Initial price Output Input
1 $10 1x Wood -
10 $80 5x Paper 1x Wood
100 $1,000 1x Rawhide -
500 $20,000 3x Leather 1x Leather
1,000 $300,000 1x Coal -
2,000 $2.0E6 1x Iron Ore -
3,000 $9.0E6 5x Iron Ingots 3x Coal, 2x Iron Ore
5,000 $200.0E6 5x Iron Rivets 1x Iron Ingots
10,000 $1.0E9 1x Ink -
15,000 $15.0E9 10x Type 1x Iron Ingots, 3x Ink
30,000 $90.0E9 1x Mechanical Parts 1x Wood, 5x Iron Rivets
50,000 $1.0E12 1x Screw Press 2x Wood, 3x Mechanical Parts
75,000 $10.0E12 1x Printing Press 10x Type, 1x Screw Press
100,000 $80.0E12 10x Paper Sheets 4x Paper, 1x Printing Press
150,000 $300.0E12 2x Book Cover 1x Leather
200,000 $2.0E15 1x Book 5x Paper Sheets, 1x Book Cover
300,000 $10.0E15 1x Gold Ore -
400,000 $90.0E15 3x Gold Ingots 1x Gold Ore
600,000 $1.0E18 1x Gilded Book Cover 1x Book Cover, 1x Gold Ingots
800,000 $10.0E18 1x Tome 10x Paper Sheets, 1x Gilded Book Cover

Medals Edit

Product Medal
1x Ink Bronze (1 medal)
1x Printing Press Silver (2 medals)
1x Tome Gold (3 medals)
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