The event "Power of Powder" started on August 6, 2017 and ran until August 16, 2017. At that event players could win 3 blueprints for the main workshop (Weapon Parts, Pistol and Musket).


There were the following 26 products.

Research Initial price Revenue Output Input
$12 $1 1x Wood -
$35 $2 1x Clay -
$350 $5 5x Brick 1x Clay
250 $5,000 $80 1.1x Copper Ore -
750 $30,000 $300 1.1x Tin Ore -
1,500 $300,000 $750 5x Bronze Ingots 3x Copper Ore, 1x Tin Ore
2,500 $5.0E6 $3,000 1.1x Coal -
5 000 $50.0E6 $60,000 1.1x Iron Ore -
15,000 $1.0E9 $150,000 5x Iron Ingots 2x Iron Ore, 3x Coal
25,000 $15.0E9 $1.0E6 5x Iron Rivets 1x Iron Ingots
35,000 $400E9 $30.0E6 1x Steel 2x Iron Ingots, 4x Coal
60,000 $40E12 $300.0E6 1x Defensive Structure 25x Brick, 1x Steel
100,000 $500E12 $10.0E9 2x Mechanical Parts 2x Wood, 8x Iron Rivets
100,000 $100.0E15 $1.0E12 1x Sulfur -
125,000 $7.5E18 $30.0E12 1x Saltpeter -
150,000 $1.0E21 $3.0E15 3x Gunpowder 1x Sulfur, 3x Saltpeter
150,000 $500E21 $300.0E15 5x Cannon Balls 10x Iron Ingots, 1x Gunpowder
200,000 $200E24 $150.0E18 1x Bronze Cannon 30x Bronze Ingots, 10x Cannon Balls
200,000 $100.0E27 $10.0E21 1x Fortification 2x Defensive Structure, 2x Bronze Cannon
220,000 $25.0E30 $50.0E24 1x Weapon Parts 1x Steel, 2x Mechanical Parts
275,000 $750.0E33 $30.0E27 1x Pistol 1x Weapon Parts, 2x Gunpowder
250,000 $2.0E39 $300.0E30 1x Musket 2x Weapon Parts, 3x Gunpowder
300,000 $300.0E42 $8.0E36 1x Grenade 5x Gunpowder, 10x Iron Rivets
350,000 $50.0E48 $30.0E39 1x Flintlock 3x Weapon Parts, 3x Gunpowder
400,000 $1.0E54 $2.0E45 1x Advanced Cannon 10x Steel, 10x Cannon Balls
500,000 $1.0E60 $20.0E48 1x Advanced Fort 3x Defensive Structure, 2x Advanced Cannon

Powder CapsuleEdit

Powder Capsules contained at least 2 blueprints introduced in the event, at least 2 blueprints from the Renaissance Set and at least 1 blueprint from the Precious Set.

Powder Capsules could contain the following blueprints or boosters:

Appearance of the tokensEdit

Below are the highest and lowest documented levels that we have seen each token appear.

Token Min Level Max Level
Powder Capsule Token 6 -
Basic Pack Token ??* ??**
Intermediate Pack Token ??* ??**
Advanced Pack Token 13* 13**
Jewelry Pack Token 39* 39**
Magnificent Pack Token 26* 26**
Tools Pack Token 48* 48**

* Lowest level observed, may be lower

** Highest level observed, may be higher


Product Medal
1x Defensive Strcture Bronze (1 medal)
1x Fortification Silver (2 medals)
1x Advanced Fort Gold (3 medals)
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