Crafting Idle Clicker Wikia

Missions replace the now defunct Expeditions and are located directly in your workshop. There is only one mission active at any given time. Completing a mission will earn you one Fame point that goes towards the Reset total.


The mission producer begins appearing in your workshop at level 6. It will ask you for anywhere between 3 and 5 different items, depending on your workshop level. Each successive mission will ask you for the same items, but it will want a higher number of them. Mission difficulty returns to 1 when you reset. The items that the mission asks for will change when you level up.

You can hover over each listed item to see how long it will take to complete. Clicking on the item will open its producer. Additionally, in the Time Warp section, the total amount of time needed to finish the mission is displayed. If one or more of the needed items is not being produced, you will see "Infinite Time" here, as in the screenshot.

The mission screen will also show you the currently stored totals of all target producers. The mission producer ticks every 10 seconds, and when it does, it deducts all stored items from the total needed. The mission producer will not take more items than it needs to complete the mission, so you are able to save towards the next mission if other items are not yet delivered. Once completed, an item will disappear from the mission list.

If the screen is not active, you are able to tell at a quick glance which products are still needed by checking the state of the arrows that are connected between the target producers and the mission producer.

There are three arrow colors, and here are their meanings:

  • A gray arrow means that there is no bottleneck producing the item.
  • A black arrow means that this item is taking longest to deliver compared to the other items and may be bottlenecked.
  • A translucent white arrow means that this item has been fully delivered and is no longer being deducted by the mission producer.