Mechanical Parts
Type Parts
Blueprint Set Science Tools Set, Renaissance Set
Research Research Currency Icon.png1,000,000,000
Unlock Bow to the Bowyer, The New World
Initial Price $500 Unvigintillion ($500.0E66)
Initial Revenue $100 Duodecillion ($100.0E39)
Produce Time 5 seconds
Revenue/s $20 Duodecillion/s ($20.0E39/s)
Input Wood, 8× Iron Rivets
Output 2
Used to Make See Uses

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Mechanical Parts is the 70th product.

Uses[edit | edit source]

Spyglass, Magnificent Crossbow, Microscope, Compass, Clockwork, Harp, Tambourine, Trumpet, Clock, Viola, Harpsichord, Weapon Parts, Saxophone, Bicycle, Camera, Mortar, Lever Action Rifle, Bolt Action Rifle, Combustion Engine

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