Crafting Idle Clicker Wikia

This event started on January 6, 2017. At that event players could win three blueprints for the main workshop (Lump Hammer, War Hammer and Magnificent Hammer). It was meant to be a click-heavy event.


There were the following 20 products.

Research Initial price Output Input
?? $10 1x Wood -
?? $150 1x Simple Handle 2x Wood
50 $2,500 1x Wooden Mallet 2x Wood, 1x Simple Handle
400 $50,000 1x Wooden Maul 4x Wood, 2x Simple Handle
1,000 $2.0E6 1x Coal -
2,000 $100.0E6 1x Iron Ore -
2,750 $2.0E9 5x Iron Ingots 2x Iron Ore, 3x Coal
5,000 $30.0E9 1x Anvil 10x Iron Ingots
8,000 $500.0E9 5x Nails 1x Iron Ingots
15,000 $10.0E12 1x Lump Hammer 2x Iron Ingots, 1x Simple Handle
25,000 $200.0E12 1x Horseman's Pick 3x Iron Ingots, 2x Simple Handle
50,000 $5.0E15 1x Sledgehammer 4x Iron Ingots, 2x Simple Handle
75,000 $100.0E15 1x War Maul 6x Iron Ingots, 2x Simple Handle
200,000 $10.0E18 1x Gold Ore -
500,000 $500.0E18 3x Gold Ingots 1x Gold Ore
1,000,000 $20.0E21 1x Steel 2x Iron Ingots, 4x Coal
2,000,000 $600.0E21 1x War Hammer 4x Steel, 2x Simple Handle
3,000,000 $50.0E24 1x Magnificent Handle 2x Gold Ingots, 1x Simple Handle
?? $8.0E27 1x Magnificent Hammer 6x Steel, 2x Magnificent Handle
?? $10.0E30 1x Thor's Hammer 6x Steel, 2x Magnificent Handle


Product Medal
1x Anvil Bronze (1)
1x War Maul Silver (3)
1x Thor's Hammer Gold (5)


The expedition 'Hammer Order' could reward the players with the following blueprints or boosters:

  • 1 Week Time Warp x2
  • Rawhide
  • Tin Ore
  • Copper Ore
  • Copper Knife
  • Coal
  • Gold Ore
  • Iron Blades
  • Iron Sword
  • Imp. Leather Armor
  • Lump Hammer
  • War Hammer
  • Magnificent Hammer
  • ...