Crafting Idle Clicker Wikia

Gems are the premium currency of the game. They can be used to permanently increase Booster strength, purchase temporary boosts or time warps, re-roll Reset results, split a merged blueprint, purchase a blueprint pack, and various other things. Gems can be purchased with real money, won on the reward slider, and received as one of the Dynasty rewards each day. Gems can also be won in contests. Visit the official Facebook page to participate.

In previous versions of the game, you could increase the number of free gems you get per day from 1 to a maximum of 10 per day. This is shown in game as "Free gems per day from Gem Updates." It is no longer possible to increase this value, though players who purchased the upgrades before it was removed were allowed to keep their upgrades.

The amount of free gems per day can also be increased by the Cut Gems Set Achievement up to a maximum of 10. This is shown in game as "Free Gems per day from Achievements."

Reset Rewards[]

Gems can show up as possible reset rewards. The amount of gems you can earn starts at 3 and slowly increases up to 26. Starting at level 8, the gem reward increases by 1 every 4 workshop levels. It is sometimes possible to receive gems as your reward multiple times on the same level if you complete multiple resets.

Levels Gems
6-7 3
8-11 4
12-15 5
16-19 6
20-23 7
24-27 8
28-31 9
32-35 10
36-39 11
40-43 12
44-47 13
48-51 14
52-55 15
56-59 16
60-63 17
64-67 18
68-71 19
72-75 20
76-79 21
80-83 22
84-87 23
88-91 24
92-95 25
96-99 26