The event "Easter Eggs" started on Thursday, March 29 and ran until Tuesday, April 3.

Products Edit

There were the following 21 products.

Research Initial price Output Input
1 $10 1x Egg -
10 $80 1x Sticks -
50 $900 1x Basket 6x Sticks
100 $8,000 1x Yellow Paint -
500 $70,000 1x Yellow Egg 1x Egg, 1x Yellow Paint
1,000 $600,000 1x Red Paint -
2,000 $5.0E6 1x Red Egg 1x Egg, 1x Red Paint
5,000 $40.0E6 2x Orange Paint 1x Red Paint, 1x Orange Paint
10,000 $300.0E6 1x Orange Egg 1x Egg, 1x Orange Paint
20,000 $2.0E9 1x Reddish Eggs 3x Red Egg, 2x Orange Egg
50,000 $20.0E9 1x Easter Basket 1x Basket, 1x Reddish Eggs
100,000 $100.0E9 1x Blue Paint -
150,000 $700.0E9 1x Blue Egg 1x Egg, 1x Blue Paint
200,000 $5.0E12 2x Green Paint 1x Blue Paint, 1x Yellow Paint
250,000 $30.0E12 1x Green Egg 1x Egg, 1x Green Paint
300,000 $300.0E12 1x Yellowish Eggs 3x Yellow Egg, 2x Green Egg
350,000 $2.0E15 1x Large Easter Basket 1x Easter Basket, 1x Yellowish Eggs
400,000 $10.0E15 2x Purple Paint 1x Red Paint, 1x Blue Paint
500,000 $80.0E15 1x Purple Egg 1x Egg, 1x Purple Paint
600,000 $500.0E15 1x Bluish Eggs 3x Blue Egg, 2x Purple Egg
700,000 $3.0E18 1x Huge Easter Basket 1x Large Easter Basket, 1x Bluish Eggs

Easter PackEdit

Easter packs contained at least 1 blueprint from the Emerald Set, at least 1 blueprint from the Ruby Set, at least 1 blueprint from the Sapphire Set and at least 1 blueprint from the Onyx Set and at least 2 uncut gems.

Easter packs could contain the following blueprints or boosters:

Medals Edit

Product Medal
1x Easter Basket Bronze (1 medal)
1x Large Easter Basket Silver (2 medals)
1x Huge Easter Basket Gold (3 medals)
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