The event started on April 12, 2019 and ran until April 15, 2019. At that event players could win 3 blueprints for the main workshop (Map, Rowboat and Spyglass).


There were the following 20 products.

Research Initial price Output Input
1 $10 1x Wood -
10 $100 5x Paper 1x Wood
50 $2,000 1x Ink -
100 $20,000 1x Map 4x Paper, 1x Ink
200 $300,000 1x Copper Ore -
500 $2.0E6 3x Copper Ingots 1x Copper Ore
1,000 $2.0.0E6 1x Coal -
2,000 $300.0E6 1x Iron Ore -
5,000 $1.0E9 5x Iron Ingots 2x Iron Ore, 3x Coal
10,000 $7.0E9 5x Iron Rivets 1x Iron Ingots
20,000 $40.0E9 2x Mechanical Parts 2x Wood, 8x Iron Rivets
50,000 $500.0E9 1x Spyglass 2x Mechanical Parts, 1x Copper Ingots
100,000 $3.0E12 1x Steel 2x Iron Ingots, 4x Coal
150,000 $20.0E12 1x Compass 1x Mechanical Parts, 1x Steel
200,000 $100.0E12 4x Planks 1x Wood
300,000 $800.0E12 1x Rowboat 2x Wood, 6x Planks
400,000 $6.0E15 1x Fabric -
500,000 $40.0E15 1x Sail 4x Fabric
650,000 $100.0E15 1x Boat Hull 8x Wood, 20x Planks
800,000 $1.0E18 1x Caravel 1x Boat Hull, 2x Sail

Exploration PackEdit

Exploration packs could contain the following blueprints:


Product Medal
1x Iron Ingots Bronze (1 medal)
1x Compass Silver (2 medals)
1x Caravel Gold (3 medals)
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