The event started on July 3, 2019 and ran until July 7, 2019. At that event players could win three blueprints for the main workshop (Uncut Sapphire, Cut Sapphire and Sapphire Ring).


There were the following 25 products.

Research Initial price Output Input
1 $20 5x Cotton -
10 $175 1x White Fabric 3x Cotton
50 $1,000 3x White Stripes 1x White Fabric
100 $9,000 13x Stars 1x White Fabric
500 $70,000 1x Red Plant -
1,000 $500,000 1x Red Dye 2x Red Plant
2,000 $3.0E6 5x Red Stripes 5x White Stripes, 1x Red Dye
5,000 $20.0E6 1x Flag Background 6x White Stripes, 7x Red Stripes
10,000 $80.0E6 1x Blue Plant -
20,000 $600.0E6 1x Blue Dye 1x Blue Plant
50,000 $4.0E9 2x Blue Fabric 2x White Fabric, 1x Blue Dye
75,000 $20.0E9 1x Canton 1x Blue Fabric, 50x Stars
100,000 $80.0E9 1x Stars & Stripes 1x Flag Background, 1x Canton
150,000 $500.0E9 1x Gold Ore -
200,000 $3.0E12 3x Gold Ingots 1x Gold Ore
250,000 $15.0E12 1x Uncut Sapphire -
300,000 $60.0E12 1x Cut Sapphire 1x Uncut Sapphire
350,000 $350.0E12 1x Sapphire Ring 2x Gold Ingots, 2x Cut Sapphire
400,000 $2.0E15 1x Sulfur -
450,000 $9.0E15 1x Saltpeter -
500,000 $30.0E15 3x Blackpowder 1x Sulfur, 3x Saltpeter
550,000 $150.0E15 3x Red Fireworks 2x Gunpowder, 1x Red Dye
600,000 $700.0E15 3x Blue Fireworks 2x Gunpowder, 1x Blue Dye
700,000 $2.5E18 1x July 4th Fireworks 4x Red Fireworks, 4x Blue Fireworks
800,000 $5.0E18 1x July 4th Equipment 1x Stars & Stripes, 1x July 4th Fireworks


Product Medal
1x Stars & Stripes Bronze (1 medal)
1x Sapphire Ring Silver (2 medals)
1x July 4th Equipment Gold (3 medals)
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