This event started on December 22, 2017 and ran until December 27, 2017. At that Christmas Event players could win three blueprints for the main workshop (Uncut Emerald, Cut Emerald and Emerald Ring).


There were the following 22 products.

Research Initial price Revenue Output Input
1 $8 $1 1x Snowball -
10 $100 $5 2x Baking Ingredients -
100 $2,500 $50 1x Gingerbread Man 2x Baking Ingredients
500 $20,000 $60 5x Christmas Cookies 3x Baking Ingredients
1,000 $250,000 $1,000 1x Wrapping Paper -
2,000 $4.0E6 $8,000 1x Small Present 3x Christmas Cookies, 1x Wrapping Paper
3,000 $30.0E6 $10,000 3x Candy Cane 2x Baking Ingredients
5,000 $200.0E6 $100,000 1x Fabric -
10,000 $1.5E9 $600,000 1x Snowman 10x Snowball, 1x Fabric
20,000 $20.0E9 $4.0E6 1x Christmas Hat 2x Fabric
30,000 $150.0E9 $20.0E6 1x Winter Cloak 5x Fabric
50,000 $2.0E12 $100.0E6 1x Big Present 1x Winter Cloak, 3x Wrapping Paper
75,000 $10.0E12 $400.0E6 1x Fir Tree -
100,000 $60.0E12 $1.0E9 1x Gold Ore -
150,000 $300.0E12 $2.0E9 3x Gold Ingots 1x Gold Ore
200,000 $2.0E15 $29.7E9 1x Uncut Emerald -
300,000 $15.0E15 $100.0E9 1x Gold Ring 1x Gold Ingots
400,000 $60.0E15 $400.0E9 1x Cut Emerald 1x Uncut Emerald
500,000 $500.0E15 $2.0E12 1x Gold Necklace 2x Gold Ingots
600,000 $3.0E18 $4.9E12 1x Emerald Ring 2x Gold Ingots, 2x Cut Emerald
700,000 $10.0E18 $10.0E12 1x Christmas Decorations 4x Gold Ingots, 2x Wrapping Paper
800,000 $50.0E18 $50.0E12 1x Christmas Tree 1x Fir Tree, 1x Christmas Decorations

Christmas PackEdit

Christmas packs contained at least 2 blueprints from the Emerald Set, at lest 1 blueprint for uncut gems, at least 1 blueprint from the Renaissance Set and at least 1 blueprint from the Precious Set.

Christmas packs could contain the following blueprints or boosters:


Product Medal
1x Small Present Bronze (1 medal)
1x Big Present Silver (2 medals)
1x Christmas Tree Gold (3 medals)
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