Crafting Idle Clicker Wikia

The Auto-Build feature of a Workshop will automatically build new products or more levels of existing products as time passes. Each product needs to be configured if desired. This feature can be toggled between On and Off by going to the Research and Auto-Sale tab.

Before any modifiers, the base value of the Main Workshop in Update 5.1.0 is 10 seconds, which displays as 100% in the Multipliers tab. This can be reduced by the Double Speed Booster and the Speed Promotion. Certain Events also have a faster value, such as 125%.

The Auto-Build feature of a product allows you to control Start Merchants and Target Level.

  • Start Merchants: The number of merchants to automatically assign when the product is built. In the below image, this is set at 3.
    • This setting only applies to when the product is originally built.
    • Adjusting this setting after the product is already built will not immediately assign or remove merchants.
    • This setting also automatically assigns merchants if the product is manually built.
    • If you do not have enough Merchants hired to meet the Start Merchants setting, all available Merchants will be assigned.
  • Target Level: The level of the product that the Auto-Build feature should purchase. In the below image, this is set at 200.
    • Increasing this setting after the product is already built will instruct the Auto-Build feature of the workshop to purchase more levels without requiring a reset.
    • Decreasing this setting will not downgrade levels already purchased. Instead, the product will be built with fewer levels after resetting.
    • Products with a Target Level set to 0 will not be automatically built.
    • Manually building a product will still only purchase level 1 regardless of the Target Level set. If the Target Level is higher than 1, Auto-Build will still purchase additional levels after the product is manually built.