This event started on November 5, 2016. The event was inspired by a game called Alchemy Idle Clicker.

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There were the following 37 products.

Initial price Output Input
$10 1x Eucalyptus globulus -
$30 2x Salvia officinalis -
$135 1x Viride sorbitium 1x Eucalyptus globulus, 1x Salvia officinalis
$400 3x Agaricus blazei -
$1,200 2x Olea europaea -
$5,000 3x Viridis potio 3x Agaricus blazei, 1x Olea europaea
$25,000 8x Viride elixirum 6x Viride sorbitium, 2x Viridis potio
$75,000 3x Helianthus annuus -
$230,000 2x Anethum graveolens -
$900,000 2x Flavus succus 2x Helianthus annuus, 2x Anethum graveolens
$2.7E6 2x Boletus edulis -
$8.0E6 3x Hypericum perforatum -
$32.0E6 3x Arausio potio 2x Boletus edulis, 3x Hypericum perforatum
$160.0E6 1x Flavum sorbitium 2x Flavus succus, 2x Arausio potio
$1.0E9 3x Viridis essentia 5x Viride elixirum, 2x Flavum sorbitium
$3.0E9 2x Vaccinium myrtillus -
$9.0E9 3x Allium schoenoprasum -
$40.0E9 1x Roseum sorbitium 2x Vaccinium myrtillus, 2x Allium schoenoprasum
$120.0E9 3x Prunella vulgaris -
$350.0E9 2x Stropharia aeruginosa -
$1.5E12 2x Caeruleus succus 5x Prunella vulgaris, 3x Stropharia aeruginosa
$7.5E12 5x Roseum elixirum 4x Roseum sorbitium, 2x Caeruleus succus
$23.0E12 4x Armillaria mellea -
$75.0E12 2x Acer campestre -
$300.0E12 3x Violaceum potio 7x Armillaria mellea, 2x Acer campestre
$1.0E15 2x Corylus avellana -
$5.0E15 1x Rosa canina -
$30.0E15 1x Fuscum sorbitium 1x Corylus avellana, 1x Rosa canina
$250.0E15 2x Fuscum elixirum 5x Violaceum potio, 3x Fuscum sorbitium
$2.5E18 5x Violacea essentia 3x Roseum elixirum, 2x Fuscum elixirum
$30.0E18 1x Philisopher's Stone 2x Viridis essentia, 2x Violacea essentia
$75.0E18 3x Amanita muscaria -
$300.0E18 2x Rubus idaeus -
$1.5E21 2x Roba potio 1x Amanita muscaria, 1x Rubus idaeus
$20.0E21 1x Acer platanoides -
$150.0E21 2x Roba sorbitium 1x Roba potio, 1x Acer platanoides
$2.0E24 2x Roba essentia 1x Roba sorbitium


Product Medal
1x Viridis essentia Bronze (1)
1x Philisopher's Stone Silver (2)
1x Roba essentia Gold (3)
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