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The event "Alchemist's Kitchen" started on March 4, 2017 and ran until March 14, 2017. At that event players could win three blueprints for the main workshop (Sulfur, Saltpeter and Gunpowder).


There are the following 37 products.

Research Initial price Revenue Output Input
? $10 $1 1x Eucalyptus globulus -
? $30 $1 2x Salvia officinalis -
20 $135 $10 1x Viride sorbitium 1x Eucalyptus globulus, 1x Salvia officinalis
40 $400 $5 3x Agaricus blazei -
80 $1,200 $15 2x Olea europaea -
120 $5,000 $50 3x Viridis potio 3x Agaricus blazei, 1x Olea europaea
360 $25,000 $75 8x Viride elixirum 4x Viride sorbitium, 2x Viridis potio
400 $150,000 $300 3x Helianthus annuus -
500 $460,000 $900 2x Anethum graveolens -
600 $1.8E6 $5,000 2x Flavus succus 2x Helianthus annuus, 2x Anethum graveolens
800 $8.1E6 $7,000 2x Boletus edulis -
1,000 $24.0E6 $9,000 3x Hypericum perforatum -
2,000 $96.0E6 $50,000 3x Arausio potio 2x Boletus edulis, 3x Hypericum perforatum
4,000 $640.0E6 $750,000 1x Flavum sorbitium 2x Flavus succus, 2x Arausio potio
8,000 $4.0E9 $2.0E6 3x Viridis essentia 5x Viride elixirum, 2x Flavum sorbitium
5,000 $15.0E9 $3.0E6 2x Vaccinium myrtillus -
8,000 $45.0E9 $4.0E6 3x Allium schoenoprasum -
12,000 $200.0E9 $50.0E6 1x Roseum sorbitium 2x Vaccinium myrtillus, 2x Allium schoenoprasum
10,000 $720.0E9 $25.0E6 3x Prunella vulgaris -
12,000 $2.1E12 $75.0E6 2x Stropharia aeruginosa -
14,000 $9.0E12 $400.0E6 2x Caeruleus succus 5x Prunella vulgaris, 3x Stropharia aeruginosa
20,000 $45.0E12 $600.0E6 5x Roseum elixirum 4x Roseum sorbitium, 2x Caeruleus succus
15,000 $161.0E12 $800.0E6 4x Armillaria mellea -
20,000 $525.0E12 $3.0E9 2x Acer campestre -
30,000 $2.1E15 $9.4E9 3x Violaceum potio 7x Armillaria mellea, 2x Acer campestre
25,000 $8.0E15 $18.0E9 2x Corylus avellana -
30,000 $40.0E15 $70.0E9 1x Rosa canina -
40,000 $240.0E15 $300.0E9 1x Fuscum sorbitium 1x Corylus avellana, 1x Rosa canina
60,000 $2.3E18 $1.0E12 2x Fuscum elixirum 5x Violaceum potio, 3x Fuscum sorbitium
100,000 $22.5E18 $1.7E12 5x Violacea essentia 3x Roseum elixirum, 2x Fuscum elixirum
150,000 $300.0E18 $50.0E12 1x Philisopher's Stone 2x Viridis essentia, 2x Violacea essentia
100,000 $1.1E21 $10.0E12 3x Amanita muscaria -
150,000 $6.0E21 $25.0E12 2x Rubus idaeus -
200,000 $37.5E21 $70E12 2x Roba potio 1x Amanita muscaria, 1x Rubus idaeus
250,000 $600.0E21 $250.0E12 1x Acer platanoides -
400,000 $6.0E24 $300E12 2x Roba sorbitium 1x Roba potio, 1x Acer platanoides
900,000 $100.0E24 $600E12 2x Roba essentia 1x Roba sorbitium

Alchemist Kitchen's product hierarchy with the Philosopher's Stone (center) and Fame Mission (bottom).

Chemical Pack[]

Chemical Packs can contain the following blueprints or boosters:

  • 1 Day Time Warp (x1, x2)
  • Copper Axe
  • Copper Dagger
  • Tin Ore
  • Coal
  • Iron Ore
  • Iron Ingots
  • Iron Mace
  • Iron Rivets
  • Iron Helmet
  • Iron Plates
  • Imp. Leather Armor
  • Iron Blades
  • Iron Sword
  • Iron Armor
  • Iron Claymore
  • Gold Ore
  • Gold Ingots
  • Gold Ring
  • Gold Necklace
  • Steel
  • Steel Blades
  • Katana
  • Magnificent Hilt
  • Magnificent Sword
  • Magnificent Armor
  • Sulfur
  • Saltpeter
  • Gunpowder
  • ...


Product Medal
1x Viridis essentia Bronze (1 medal)
1x Philosopher's stone Silver (2 medals)
1x Roba essentia Gold (3 medals)



Reset window before resetting, showing min and max rolls (9 points).

Num3 reward

The same reset window, but after rolling. Note how the green arrow is inside the min-max from the previous view and that the min-max arrows have adjusted upward.

Fame points are gained by a similar method to workshop points. However, there is also a mission, which is like an expedition, and can increase fame by 1 point each. Based on fame gained, upon reset there is a random reward, and indicators for your minimum and maximum rewards. The rewards are crafting points, double crafting points, chemical pack, diamonds, and a blueprint (from the chemical pack?). The minimum craft points rewards are the same as a reset: points^(1+level/100) * lore-per-point.  The second teir is double that.

You need at least 4 points for a chance to get the chemical pack, at least 13 to get a chance at the diamonds, and 16 for a chance at the blueprint. You can spend 99 diamonds to retry, with the minimum advanced to just above the roll you got and the max advanced correspondingly (see the images at the right). This makes rerolls explicitly beneficial to the player, as every roll will increase the minimum. The guaranteed blueprint at the far right of the track will randomize after every reset that gained any fame. Possible blueprints range from any blueprint within the Iron Set, Precious Set, and Renaissance Set.

Fame Missions function similar to expeditions except they will take all your excess resource automatically, every 10 seconds (every other cycle, unless you have Speed boost). They take 4 different resources, and give a single fame point when the amounts required drop to zero. When completing a Fame Mission, the next one will require the same resources, only more of them. The resource used by the mission resets when you reset.

The arrows leading into the fame mission have a rough indicator status.
Black: This item is taking average or longer.
Gray: This item is taking less time than average (10% or more difference).
White: This item is no longer required (and will stockpile as normal).